SVN of NGL File Server for kvIRC

What is SVN? SVN stands for Subversion and allows different developers to collaborate on the same project. You may be asking yourself: "Why do I need to care about SVN?". Let's go throught it.
... to download the last development version NGL File Server is being developed continuously, but developers release it only when they think that it's ready for public. But, if you wanna have a preview or simply you can't wait anymore for a new version, then SVN will fulfill your desires.

To download from SVN follow these steps

Keep in mind that what you download from SVN might be unstable. Use it at your own risk.
... to collaborate We need developers. If you find this project interesting and you want to collaborate, you'll have to get familiar with SVN. Please contact LoSko, Grifisx or Noldor on IRC