News on NGL File Server for kvIRC

2006-12-18: SVN switch KVIrc and NGL File Server switched from CVS to SVN. See SVN section for details.
2006-12-13: 1.0 alpha out! We're glad to announce that NGL File Server is back! Many bugs were solved and many improvements has come, but this version is still an alpha test and far from being completed. We've decided to release to let you take a tour of NGL File Server capabilities. Christmas period has come and probably we'll be in holiday for some time. Please be patient for any bug (surely some are still there). You can signal us any problem on server, channel
tip Bug related to clonescanner of dcc-chat shell has been reported and confirmed. To avoid problems please deactivate it throught the checkbox in Options/Sends&Queues tab

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We also restyled screenshots page with new pics and dynamic content.

2006-11-17: Website renewed NGL File Server website has been renewed: it now uses php technology. News section has been added.
2006-11-16: New version is close We're actively working on the project. A big quantity of bugs has been resolved, while there are still some problems left on the @find and on the quickget, a new command to donwload files without passing from the dcc-chat-shell. The user interface has got little but important improvements.
2006-09-13: Project status We apologize for the delay in realeasing the new NGL File Server version. Developers are actually busy but project is still growing. When enought stable it will be announced and released. Thank you.
2006-06-16: Download suspended Download has been temporarly removed due to a recently discovered bug (KVIrc was wasting CPU cycles without real necessity). Download will be soon back with the release of a new version, now near completion. We apologize for the inconvenience.